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Welcome to Mantese Honigman

Mantese Honigman, PC is relentless in the pursuit of justice.  We concentrate our practice in six major areas:

  • Business litigation.  This includes lawsuits, arbitration, and appeals arising from disputes involving corporations, LLCs, and partnerships; claims for breach of fiduciary duties and breach of contract; company breakups and business divorces, trade secret litigation, and real estate disputes.
  • Business transactional matters. This includes negotiating and drafting shareholder and operating agreements, employment agreements, restrictive covenants, sale and transfer agreements, and similar contracts or agreements relating to all manner of corporations, LLCs, and partnerships. 
  • Real estate matters.  We have extensive experience in real estate litigation and real estate transactions.  
  • Healthcare law and licensing issues.  This includes peer review and licensing/credentialing disputes, as well as negotiation and litigation of disputes relating to joining, leaving, dividing, and dissolving healthcare practices.
  • White collar criminal defense and internal corporate investigations.  This includes representation of individuals and corporations in the defense of financial crimes, government investigations, grand jury investigations, negotiated resolutions and federal jury trials.
  • Class actions. We participate as both lead counsel and co-counsel in selected class actions.

Through our passion, hard work, and dedication to our clients, we have recovered more than $1 Billion for our clients while defending other clients against baseless lawsuits. 

Litigation – Recent Achievements

Our team routinely secures substantial settlements and trial victories. Some of our recent achievements include the following:

$35.4 Million Arbitration Award Obtained in September 2021
In this case, MH represented two shareholders who sued to assert their rights under a shareholders agreement that allowed them to redeem their shares in the company upon resignation. The remaining shareholder refused to honor the agreement and argued that it was ambiguous. With the parties too far apart to settle, MH attorneys Gerard Mantese and Fatima Bolyea tried the case in a four-day arbitration hearing and prevailed, securing an award of $35,400,000 for MH’s clients.

$40 Million Recovery – July 2021
This recovery arose out of a dispute involving a family real estate empire. MH’s client alleged that the brother in control of the company was engaging in oppressive conduct by, among other things, over-charging for services. After participating in both mediation and arbitration, MH attorneys Gerard Mantese, Doug Toering and Terry Osgood secured a recovery of over $40 million in cash and real property.

$9.6 Million Lawsuit Dismissed – August 2021
While MH often represents plaintiffs in business litigation matters, MH attorneys also leverage their knowledge of corporate and fiduciary relationships to provide skillful and detailed legal defense.  In this case, MH represented the founder, majority shareholder and President of a multi-national construction company after he was sued individually for $9.6 million by a former joint venture participant. Litigating in U.S. District Courts in Tennessee, Michigan, and Delaware, MH attorneys Ian Williamson and Fatima Bolyea methodically demolished each of the plaintiff’s claims and secured dismissal with prejudice of the complaint, with MH’s client paying nothing.

$9.2 Million Settlement – October 2021
This shareholder class action litigated in Nevada involved a large-scale redemption of shares in which the defendant corporation short-changed numerous shareholders. MH attorneys Gerard Mantese, Doug Toering and Ken Chadwell secured a $9.2 Million settlement that can provide a full recovery to all affected plaintiffs.

Twin $11 Million Settlements in 2020
MH attorneys Gerard Mantese, Ian Williamson, Doug Toering and Emily Fields secured the top two business litigation settlements reported by Michigan Lawyer’s Weekly for the year 2020, at remarkably similar figures – $11.1 Million and $11.25 Million. Both cases involved shareholder disputes arising out of control groups’ refusal to issue dividends or otherwise allow non-controlling shareholders to financially benefit from their ownership interests in the respective companies. While the businesses involved were in completely different industries, the oppressive behavior underlying these actions was characteristic of many abusive situations in which non-controlling shareholders are frozen out and ignored.

$6 Million Recovered in Trade Secrets Case – 2020
In a trade secrets case, MH attorneys, Gerard Mantese, Doug Toering and Fatima Bolyea recovered $6 Million in a case where MH’s client alleged that former employees misappropriated company trade secrets. 

$12.35 Million Recovered in Shareholder/Member Dispute in 2018
This case involved multiple business entities, both corporations and limited liability companies, all of which were operated in an oppressive manner by the controlling owners. After MH attorneys Gerard Mantese and Fatima Bolyea filed suit and embarked on an aggressive campaign of discovery, depositions and motion practice, the defendants tendered cash and property totaling $12.35 Million to resolve the case.

Multiple Mediations Yield $23 Million Settlement – 2018
MH attorneys Gerard Mantese, Doug Toering and Fatima Bolyea handled this shareholder dispute involving allegations of oppressive conduct and breaches of fiduciary duty, including through the control group’s usurpation of corporate opportunities. After proceeding on a dual track interspersing aggressive litigation with a series of mediations, the MH team secured a settlement of $23 Million for MH’s client.

$97 Million Settlement in Hospitality Conglomerate Breakup – 2018
This case involved a complicated network of more than 50 different hospitality-focused entities. MH attorneys Gerard Mantese and Ian Williamson represented a major shareholder and partner in the enterprise who alleged that the defendant had frozen him out and engaged in various forms of fiduciary misconduct. After defeating the defendant’s dispositive motion and participating in a series of highly contentious mediation sessions, MH’s client obtained total ownership and control of a constellation of hospitality entities and real property with a combined net equity of $97 million.   This was the largest business law recovery in 20— as reported by lawyers weekly. 

An Experienced and Accomplished Team

  • With offices in the Detroit area, St. Louis, and New York City, we are available to practice throughout the country.  

One or more of our lawyers are admitted to practice in the following jurisdictions:

  • Michigan
  • Missouri 
  • New York
  • United States Supreme Court
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit 
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  • United States District Court for the Eastern and Western District of Michigan
  • United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri
  • United States Immigration Court

Mantese Honigman, PC. 

Tough and skilled business attorneys—when your company or your career is on the line.

Mantese Honigman, PC

Latest News

Gerard V. Mantese has been elected Co-Chair of the LLC and Partnerships Committee of the Business Law Section of the Michigan State Bar

Ian Williamson was Named as One of Michigan’s Go To Business Law Lawyers by Michigan Lawyers Weekly.

Precedential Litigation Secures Home Ownership and Declaratory Relief to Combat Housing Abuses.

Mantese Honigman, PC Office Manager is Recognized as an Unsung Legal Hero by Michigan Lawyers Weekly. 

Mantese Honigman, PC Attorneys Recognized as DBusiness Top Lawyers for 2023

Ian Williamson is Named a Leader in the Law 2022 by Michigan Lawyers Weekly

Ian Williamson was Elected Treasurer of the Business Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Mantese Honigman, PC Settles Shareholder Oppression Suit for $8.2 Million

Mantese Honigman, PC Attorneys Named 2022 Michigan Super Lawyers and Michigan Rising Stars by Super Lawyers

9th Circuit Judge Open to Reviving Facebook Housing Bias Suit

Douglas Toering Receives the 2022 Professionalism Award from the Oakland County Bar Association

Douglas Toering was Named as One of Michigan’s Go To Business Law Lawyers by Michigan Lawyers Weekly

Mantese Honigman PC Opens A New Office In New York City

Mantese Honigman PC Attorneys and Co-Counsel Secure $9.2 Million Settlement

Mantese Honigman PC Obtains Court Order Preserving Environment Treasure.
Mantese Honigman, PC Obtain a $450,000 Cash Buyout.

Mantese Honigman, PC Legal Assistant is Recognized as an Unsung Hero by Michigan Lawyers Weekly.

Mantese Honigman, PC Attorneys Recognized as DBusiness Top Lawyers for 2022.

Mantese Honigman, PC Partners, Gerard V. Mantese and Fatima M. Bolyea, obtain a $35.4 Million Arbitration award for their Clients in contentious shareholder dispute.

Mantese Honigman, PC Attorneys, Gerard V. Mantese, Terry Osgood, and Douglas Toering Secure $40 Million Recovery in Real Estate Empire Dispute.

Mantese Honigman, PC Partners on the move. 

Douglas Toering has been awarded the Stephen H. Schulman Outstanding Business Lawyer Award by the Business Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan.

Ian Williamson was elected Secretary of the Business Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan.
Mantese Honigman, PC – 2021 Fall Business Law Newsletter.
Mantese Honigman, PC settles Breach of Contract Claim for $3.3 Million.
Gerard Mantese, Ian Williamson, Theresamarie Mantese, Douglas Toering, Kathryn Eisenstein and Terry Osgood were all named 2021 Michigan Super Lawyers. Gerard Mantese was again included in the list of Top 100 Rated Attorneys in the 2021 Michigan Super Lawyers. Fatima Bolyea and Emily Fields were both named 2021 Michigan Rising Stars by Super Lawyers.
Mantese Honigman, PC Attorney, Douglas L. Toering, receives the Stephen H. Schulman Outstanding Business Lawyer Award.
Gerard Mantese fights abusive housing practices.
Gerard Mantese was named as one of Michigan’s top business attorneys by Michigan Lawyers Weekly.
Mantese Honigman, PC Takes Top 2 Spots in 2020 Million-Dollar Verdicts & Settlements by Michigan Lawyers Weekly.

Meet Your Award-Winning Attorneys

Gerard V. Mantese, the firm’s CEO, has spent over a decade leading teams of highly skilled attorneys to victory in complex litigation matters. He is recognized as one of the leading trial attorneys in the country. After establishing the firm, he joined forces with David Honigman, a highly effective former Michigan State Senator and Representative who authored more legislation than any other legislator during his tenure.




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