Shareholder Disputes - Disputes Between/Among Business Owners

Disputes Between / Among Business Owners

Many of our clients are shareholders, LLC members, or partners in ownership disputes, shareholder litigation, and company breakups. Through decades of experience in this area, our attorneys have mastered the intricacies of the agreements governing these business structures, as well as the principles of shareholder and member oppression and fiduciary duties. The firm handles these kinds of business cases across the country and stays abreast of the various fiduciary duty and oppression laws throughout the nation.

While Mantese Honigman regularly represents plaintiffs who have been subjected to unfair and oppressive conduct by those in control of privately owned businesses, we also draw on our substantial experience litigating corporate fiduciary matters to help responsible majority owners resolve disputes with officers, directors, partners, or minority owners.

We fight tenaciously to protect the interests of shareholders, members, and partners being squeezed out of, or denied the benefits of, ownership. Every day, we litigate cases involving denial of company information, withholding of dividends, usurpation of corporate opportunities, self-dealing, unfair redemption schemes, and misappropriation of funds. Indeed, our firm handled the only two shareholder and member oppression cases that have been decided by the Michigan Supreme Court: Madugula v. Taub, 496 Mich. 685 (2014) and Frank v. Linkner, 500 Mich. 133 (2017).