Diversity and
Giving Back

Giving Back to the Community

Mantese Honigman believes that diversity in the legal profession benefits our clients, our professional colleagues, and our justice system. We oppose discrimination in all forms.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities and will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, height, weight, or marital status.

We support justice, quality schools, and safe neighborhoods for minority and disadvantaged children, and we support a fair opportunity for minority and disadvantaged persons to compete in school, in the workplace, and in the professions. Below are a few examples of how we use our time, talents, and treasures to benefit the poor and disadvantaged.  

Conquering Hunger

  • The firm is a large donor every year to Gleaners Community Food Bank, and repeatedly receives its recognition as a leader in financial donations for law firms of its size for this and other work.
  • Mantese Honigman, PC has contributed annually since 2015 to The Hunger Free Summer Food Fight, hosted by Gleaners. This program provides nutritious foods to thousands of hungry children when they don’t have access to the breakfasts and lunches normally received at school when in session.
  • Mantese Honigman, PC drafts Food Waste Legislation to reduce food waste in Michigan and provide meals to the hungry.
  • The Wave of the Future – Reducing Food Waste, Reducing Hunger, Protecting the Environment (Article by Gerard Mantese and Theresamarie Mantese).

Obtaining Health Care For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • For years, our attorneys fought to require insurers to cover applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy for children on the autism spectrum. The firm succeeded, and now ABA is a covered treatment across the country.
  • Mantese Honigman Recovers $52 Million in Benefits for Children with Autism in Suit Against Michigan Medicaid System.
  • Judge Grants Plaintiffs’ Motion for Summary Judgment Against Blue Cross Over Autism Therapy.
  • Nationwide Class Action Status Granted for Case Filed Against CIGNA Insurance for Denying ABA Therapy to Treat Autism.
  • Mantese Honigman Obtains Favorable Settlement Against Blue Cross Blue Shield for Judge’s Son’s Therapy.

Accessing Health Care For Disadvantaged Children

  • Our attorneys are fighting for justice for children and teens in Michigan on Medicaid assistance. David Honigman, Gerard Mantese and Theresamarie Mantese are part of a team representing a putative class of 80,000 children and teens (many of whom are minorities) on Medicaid assistance in a class action alleging systemic deficiencies in the provision of mental health care.
  • Mantese Honigman, PC helps to achieve historic settlement with the State of Michigan to assist thousands of children on Medicaid needing mental health care. The State of Michigan signed an Interim Agreement in a class action case filed by Mantese Honigman, PC, Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc., National Health Law Program, and John J. Conway, PC, obligating the State of Michigan to make significant, systemic improvements in the delivery of mental health care to thousands of children on Medicaid assistance.
  • Michigan Public Radio’s Stateside Program interviewed David Honigman on the issue of children with mental health and other disabilities not receiving the correct and/or direct care that they need.
  • Mantese Honigman, PC files class action suit against the State of Michigan for failure to provide needed mental health care to children.

Fighting Eviction

  • Rent-to-Own Homes. Our attorneys are fighting for justice for Detroit residents who were taken advantage of in “rent-to-own” schemes.
  • Gerard Mantese has volunteered many hour helping tenants being evicted from their homes. He has received the 2017 Volunteer Attorney of the Year Award from the United Community Housing Coalition for his work.
  • A Trip to Detroit’s 36th District Court (Article by Gerard Mantese and Theresamarie Mantese).

Domestic Violence

Gerard Mantese founded and directed the Family Law Assistance Project in the early 1990’s in connection with the Legal Advocacy Project for First Step, Western Wayne County Project on Domestic Violence. He coordinated approximately 50 volunteer attorneys to provide free legal advice to low-income women who experienced domestic violence. This legal program became a model for other shelters in other States.