Business and
Commercial Litigation

Business and Commercial Litigation

Litigation is our most extensive practice area, involving every attorney at our firm. We assess each client’s unique needs and goals and individually tailor our approach to every case. Given the significant costs that litigation can require, we attempt to find approaches that work for each client. We are a client-driven firm and we consistently look for creative resolutions that achieve our clients’ goals in a cost-effective manner. 

While we excel in the courtroom, we are also skilled at the negotiating table and we recognize the value of certainty that arises from a carefully negotiated, well-considered and successful settlement of claims. We zealously pursue our clients’ interests in a variety of forums, including state and federal trial courts, appeals, arbitration, and alternative methods of dispute resolution including mediation and facilitation. Our practice of meticulous preparation has led to significant verdicts and to highly favorable settlements for our clients, sometimes even in the middle of trial.

In our commercial and business litigation practice, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of disputes, including disputes arising out of contract breaches, fraud, business torts, business break-ups, real estate disputes, trademark infringement, and other commercial and business transactions.  

Our lawyers will learn your company’s business, involve you as closely in the litigation as you desire, and keep you informed.  You will appreciate that we are detail-oriented, that we are eager to work with you to meet your goals, and that we can pivot to maximize our effectiveness when new approaches are needed.