Business Transactions
and Contracts

Business Transactions and Contracts

Our corporate and transactional department offers a broad range of services. We can draft strategic agreements for business and business persons. We are adept at anticipating issues and drafting agreements that position our clients well for the future.

Business Transactions, Entity Formation and Maintenance

Our attorneys advise a wide range of business entities at every stage of their life cycle, including start-up, maintenance, growth, and mature companies involved in succession planning. We are experienced in entity formation, including choice-of-entity decisions, ownership structures, and control issues. We routinely draft shareholder agreements, operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, bylaws, voting agreements, and other agreements tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We work with our clients to ensure adherence to corporate formalities, and we assist in drafting board resolutions and maintaining appropriate business records. We routinely work with our clients’ accountants or other tax professionals to determine appropriate methods to achieve our clients’ transactional goals.

Contract Drafting and Review

In addition to shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and buy-sell agreements, we also have substantial experience with a multitude of other agreements.  For business entities and owners, these can include: employment agreements and consulting contracts, commercial leases, exit arrangements, sales agreements, and a broad range of other contracts. For individual artists and athletes, we have experience negotiating, drafting, and reviewing contracts and other business arrangements.