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Real Estate Matters

Real Estate Matters

Real Estate deals and real estate litigation pervade our commercial world.  The wealth of many individuals and businesses is founded on or include real estate as a critical element.  Our firm handles all kinds of real estate matters, from the simple to the complex, from transactional matters to nuanced litigation.  Some of our largest litigation involving tens and hundreds of millions of dollars revolved around real estate. 


Our business litigation practice often involves commercial real estate, both directly and indirectly.  For example, our clients often own (or jointly-own) operating companies which hold real estate through separate, single-use LLCs.  In litigation and business divorce cases, ownership of the real estate must be addressed.  This may include a buyout of a member’s interests in the real estate LLC, transferring ownership of the real estate, resolving financing issues including refinancing and cross-collateralization, negotiating commercial lease terms, and drafting property management agreements.  

Land Use and Zoning

We can assist you in dealing with municipalities, both by meeting with municipal staff and appearing before municipal boards and commissions. As part of this, we can help navigate the processes to seek approval of variances, site plans, and changes to existing uses. Our attorneys can work with you to craft persuasive special land use applications, detail-oriented rezoning or variance requests, and standout site plan review packages. If a municipality unreasonably limits your ability to develop or use your property, we can identify potential hurdles early stages in the project so you can best assess whether a concept is viable and, if so, whether litigation is necessary.


Several of our attorneys can also handle commercial real estate transactions, such as the purchase and sale of real property, and negotiating and drafting commercial leases. We are able to represent clients in any real estate transaction.