Corporate Internal

Counsel In Corporate and Internal Investigations

There are many reasons for outside counsel to conduct a professional, internal investigation of an organization, institution or company. Perhaps the best reason is to ensure that the business or other entity is complying with the law or, if it is not, to begin corrective action for the good of the organization and its clientele. Waiting to be sued or worse, indicted by the federal government, is never a good strategy. Proactive investigation, compliance, and early cooperation with governmental authorities is the hallmark of the best and most successful corporate citizens. Some of the most prominent and otherwise law-abiding organizations, institutions and companies can get into trouble if they do not respond promptly and appropriately to misconduct in their midst, and if they do not understand and know how to deal with criminal investigations. The ostrich defense does not work. Moreover, obstruction of justice charges can await those who mishandle their response to a criminal investigation.

The attorneys at Mantese Honigman can offer their clients some 30 years of experience in supervising and directing investigations conducted by such elite investigative agencies as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, and the U.S. Secret Service. Having handled hundreds of federal grand jury investigations while serving as a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice, Mantese Honigman’s lead internal investigative counsel can answer your questions and provide expert direction, planning, and execution in conducting virtually any type and size of investigation your organization might need.  The Mantese Honigman team is intimately familiar with the best practices, methods, and techniques employed by the most sophisticated investigative agencies in the world. The firm is also adept at adroitly responding to criminal investigations targeting organizations, institutions and companies, as well as dissuading the government from returning criminal charges against such entities through early, comprehensive and sustained cooperation with the government.